RAW VEGAN Culinary – Curriculum I

Raw Vegan Culinary, Nutrition and Welness

Curriculum – I Raw Culinary art Creation Course

 is your first step toward a new culinary awakening!

Course Title: Raw Culinary Art Creation Course

Course Duration: 3 days

Course Overview: This course is designed to introduce participants to the principles and techniques of raw vegan culinary arts. Students will learn how to prepare a variety of creative, delicious, and visually appealing raw vegan dishes, from salads and appetizers to desserts. The course emphasizes nutrition, presentation, and hands-on culinary skills.

Module 1: Introduction to Raw Vegan Cuisine

  • Introduction to raw veganism: Health benefits and environmental impact
  • Essential kitchen equipment for raw food preparation
  • Proper food safety and hygiene in raw food preparation
  • Introduction to key raw vegan ingredients and their nutritional benefits

Module 2: Raw Vegan Fundamentals

  • Creating flavor profiles in raw vegan cuisine
  • Knife skills and food preparation techniques
  • Basic recipes: Raw vegan salads, dressings, and dips
  • Incorporating sprouts and microgreens

Module 3: Raw Vegan Soups and Smoothies

  • Preparing delicious raw vegan soups and gazpachos
  • Crafting nutritious and satisfying smoothies
  • Techniques for achieving ideal texture and flavor

Module 4: Raw Vegan Appetizers and Sides

  • Creating visually appealing raw vegan appetizers
  • Preparing raw vegan sushi, rolls, and wraps
  • Dehydrating techniques for snacks and sides

Module 5: Raw Vegan Main Courses

  • Crafting satisfying raw vegan main dishes
  • Preparing raw vegan pasta alternatives
  • Incorporating nuts, seeds, and vegetables

Module 6: Raw Vegan Desserts

  • Introduction to raw vegan sweeteners
  • Creating delectable raw vegan desserts, including cheesecakes, chocolates, and energy bars
  • Garnishing and presentation techniques

Module 7: Plating and Presentation

  • The art of plating and presentation in raw vegan cuisine
  • Techniques for creating beautiful, Instagram-worthy dishes
  • Food photography tips

Module 8: Advanced Techniques and Culinary Creativity

  • Advanced raw vegan culinary techniques
  • Encouraging creativity in recipe development
  • Student-led culinary projects and presentations

Module 9: Nutrition and Meal Planning

  • Understanding raw vegan nutrition and meal balance
  • Meal planning for a raw vegan lifestyle
  • Addressing common nutritional concerns and misconceptions

Module 10: Graduation and Certification

  • Final projects and presentations
  • Certificate of completion ceremony
  • Graduates’ raw vegan culinary showcase


  • Practical uncooking assignments and hands-on sessions
  • Written quizzes and tests
  • Final culinary project and presentation

Additional Activities:

  • Guest appearances by experienced raw vegan chefs
  • Field trips to local farmers’ markets or raw vegan restaurants
  • Group cooking challenges and competitions

Course Materials:

  • Course handbook with recipes and resources
  • Access to a well-equipped raw vegan kitchen
  • Ingredients and equipment for hands-on cooking sessions

Certification: Participants who successfully complete the course and meet the assessment criteria will receive a Certificate of Completion in Raw Culinary Art Creation.

This curriculum provides a structured framework for teaching a comprehensive Raw Culinary Art Creation Course. Adjust the content and duration as needed to meet the specific needs and goals of your course participants.

Prerequisites ~ All levels of expertise from novice to professional are welcome. There are no prerequisite for this course. This is a prerequisite for Curriculum – II Raw Chef Associate and Curriculum – III Raw Chef Associate Instructor

In this entry-level class, you will discover the magic of creating fabulous organic raw vegan cuisine for optimum health and rejuvenation! Dozens of superb culinary presentations will be all hands on and show you everything you need to know to create a wide variety of delicious, easy-to-prepare raw recipes.

Even if you are an expert professional chef, you will encounter a whole new world of food preparation skills that are specific to raw cuisine. Raw Culinary Creation Course is your first step toward a new culinary awakening! Course will include fundamental “how-tos” of living food prep from A-Z.

What You Will Learn

-Soaking, sprouting, and basic kitchen gardening

-Making rejuvelac, veggie krauts, and other fermented foods –

-Making nut milks, creams, and luscious raw non-dairy cheeses Introduction to the basic equipment and supplies used in a raw food kitchen food processors, juicers, dehydrators, and the use of other important culinary equipments Introduction to basic knife skills

– Basic fruit smoothies and soups, sauces, salad dressings, salads, simple entrees, wraps and rolls, pâtés, and easy desserts

Additional Information ~ This class is hands-on and is offered at ……

Plus, special topics will be covered including:
Recipe development, food combining and tricks of the trade for transitioning into a more living foods lifestyle.

{ 2023-24 Class Schedule }

January 2024 (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification)
February 2024 (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) 
March 2024 (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) 
April 2024 (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) 
May 2024 (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) 
June 2024  (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) 
July 2024  (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) 
August 2024  (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) 
September 2023 (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) open
October 2023 (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) open
November 2023 (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification) open
December 2023 (8:30am-6pm includes all meals and certification)open 

All classes held at ………

Includes: breakfeast, lunch, dinner, class materials (binder) and certification

How long : 3 Days hands on 

Tuition: $495

You can invite love ones to join gradation party. Complementary meal so you can share what masterpiece  you create in your Culinary art Class.

Location: Chicago
Phone: (786) 510-6449