Raw Vegan Culinary, Nutrition and Welness

Warm Elixirs

Healers Tea

Promotes profound relaxation, mediation and calmness throughout your entire body.

Zen Shen Elixir

Zen Shen is a powerful relaxation formula with Alphathean, Duanwood Reishi mushroom, and other potent Shen tonic herbs. Shen herbs reduce the level of fear, worry and anxiety one feels, and are used for spiritual growth.

Magu”s Beauty Tea Elixir

The Chinese goddess Magu is the Oriental personification of beauty, elegance and youthfulness. The Elixir is a blend of the finest herbs traditionally consumed by the most beautiful woman in Asia. This formulation is rich in antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that nurture the skin and hair and brighten the eyes.

Tibetan Magic Elixir

A unique, anti-aging, adaptogenic, energy drink. It increases oxygen supplies in the blood, which directly affects both physical and mental energy. It lifts the spirit, calms the nerves, clears the senses and generally lifts life-experiences to another level. All without caffeine!


Green juice

Mixed greens, ginger, lemon

Just Juice!

Your choice of Orange, Apple, Celery or Carrot


Enhance with Agave

Young Coconut

Case of Coconut (Nine in One Case)-20

Flat of Wheat Grass

Mighty Muscle

Celery, lettuce, apple and ginger

Ginger Carrot Punch

Carrots, apple, ginger and cinnamon

Cleansing Cocktail

Ginger, apple, celery, beet, orange and cayenne

Gardeners Power House

Kale, spinach, cucumber, garlic and carrot

Medicine Man

Kale, spinach, cucumber, garlic
and carrot

Coconut Milk

Mixture of young coconut meat and water

Lymphatic Love

Beet, spinach, apple, lemon and carrot

Power Shots

E3 Live Shots

64 easily absorbed vitamins, minerals and enzymes, love and gratitude.

E3 Live Brain On Shots

Promotes clear thinking and focus to give you optiomal cognitive function. And it is MD endorsed.

Wheat Grass Shot

It is an ultimate energizing health drink.

Special Drinks


Combination of raw almond milk, dates, banana, vanilla beans, nutmeg, cinnamon, raw macadamia nuts and hugs

Cocoa Latte

Longevity Tea, Maca, Cacao powder, agave, cinnamon with love and gratitude

Heavenly Touch

Sage, lemon, ginger and a touch of sweetness.

Coco Moco

Coconut milk, cacao, maca and a touch of sweetness


Green Healing

Banana, apple, parsely, orange juice, ionized water.

Pump you up

Protein machine with raw protein super food, e-3, flax oil. avocado vita mineral greens, bell pollen, and banana with coconut water.

Wild Child

Swiss Chard, mango, coconut water, chlorella, carob.

The Healer

Feel better always with this healing remedy of aloe vera, lemon, spiraling, cayenne pepper, ginger and goji carmu powder.

The Boost

Kick your immunity into gear with ginger, burdock root, cayenne pepper, parsley, pears, Turkish figs and hemp oil.

Cacao Pow

The super foods powerhouse with cacao, maca, bee pollen, hemp seeds, mesquite powder, tocnotriends, vanilla and agave.

Choco Nana Split

Cacao, frozen bananas, agave, coconut meat and water, love and gratitude.

Rise n’ Shine

Goji, orange juice, cacao powder with strawberries and ionized water.

Beauty Queen

Cacao, vanilla, acai, blueberries, coconut water and meat

King of fruit

Cacao, durian, cinnamon, coconut water and meat

Island Oasis

Pneapple, mango, coconut meat and water

Warm Blossoming Teas

Longevity Tea

Made with Gynostemma, the “magical” grass, it is used commonly as a adaptability-enhancing, fatigue-fighting, fat-burning, cholesterol-lowering, and immune.

Chamomile Tea

It’s volatile oils, organic acids and flavonoids gives this tea it’s relaxing soothing properties.

Pau’D Arco Tea

South American healers have use this bark for centuries.

Yerba Mate Unsmoked

a neatural energy and fitness tea


100% natural performance hydration from South Africa



Cacao Berry -7
Mango Goji
Beet With Lemon Zest
Wild Cherry French Vanilla


French Vanilla


Papaya Mango Creme Pie
Apple Pie
Chocolate Truffles
Coconut Dreams
Pecan Pie
Peach Cobbler
Turkish Halva
Cousin’s Delight
Chocolate Mousse
King of the Fruit


live pizza

luscious pizzas made with almond cheese, creamy marinara, avocado, olive tapenaude, love and gratitude

ayla’s gourmet mushroom

crimini mushrooms stuffed with pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, fresh herbs, love and gratitude

gourmet stuffed pepper

with pine nuts, love and gratitude


our famous wine leaves stuffed with pine nuts, currants, lemon zest, fresh herbs, love and gratitude

spinach fritata

savory spinach, cashew cream, shallots, fresh herbs; dehydrated to perfection with love and gratitude


juicy parsley, onions, tomatoes, lemon zest; with sprouted quinoa, love and gratitude

fake’n bacon poppers

zesty dehydrated eggplant wrapped around our mineral kingdom kale salad, love and gratitude

RAWmazing Antipesto

zuchini frittes, onion rings, fake’n bacon, bell peppers, tempura with olive and pumpkin seed cheese, love and gratitude

juicy sprout avalanche

amazing sunflower and snowpea sprouts tossed with mediterranean spices, nama shoyu, and olive oil; blanketed with our homemade hummus, love and gratitude

hummus w/flax crackers

sesame, ginger, garlic and lemon juice,love and gratitude

triple taco

served on a baby romaine tortilla; “refried beans” (sesame tahini) over crazy mango salad, guacamole, mexican spices, love and gratitude

rainbow guacamole

mexican seasonings, tomatoes, scallions, and red jalepeno pepper; with chunky avocado, love and gratitude

tropical extravaganza

“enzyme abundance” – diced pineapple, papaya, currants, shredded coconut, love and gratitude

Zucchini Bite

Veggie cheese wrapped with zucchini.

Soup of the day!

can be warmed

mediterranean noodles

zucchini noodles with choice of marinara or pesto sauce and pine nut parmesan

atilla’s zoom burger with cashew mayo

living burger made with walnuts, flax seeds, exotic mushrooms and fresh herbs

portabella melt

marinated portabella stuffed with seed cheese and avocados served with side salads and love

cabage wrap

leafy greens, nut almond pate, avocado, dehydrated onion rings surrounded by dressing and wrapped in cabage leaf

falafel wrap (house special)

our powerhouse pistachio falafels, baby greens, marinated onions, fun sprouts, tomatoes and creamy ginger tahini dressing wrapped in a collard green…yummy

CHEF delight

hummus platter topped with curry marinated vegetables, pine nuts and goji berries

RAWvocado Sandwich

Made with sprouted buckwheat bread, avocado, pumpkin seed pate with ketchup and love.

Sea Food Noodles

Angel hair kelp noodles, young coconut flesh, broccoli, bell peppers, with creamy Thai basil sauce. Love & gratitude.


exotic spices and nuts served with lettuce and mixed herbs

Spicy Adana Kebab

Italian almonds with walnut pate and Turkish spices. Served with Moroccan curry rice. Love & gratitude.


spiced cashew pate topped with crazy mango salad and guacamole wrapped in a corn husk

deep dish pizza

Cashew-psyllium crust topped with marinated spinach, zucchini, red pepers, onion, mushrooms, olives and italian herbs


zesty layers of spinach, tomato, zucchini, mushrooms and eggplants with chunky marinara and topped with almond feta served with turkish shepard salad

osman pasha combo

mediterranean noodles with pesto and skewer of adana kabob, skewer of veggies and rice (house specialty)

healing heart radish RAWvioli

cashew ricotta cheese folded into a delicious beet pasta shell smothered in spicy marinara

Cousin’s caesar salad

crunchy romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, olives, and fak’n bacon bits tossed with our creamy caeser dressing

sushi maki

Nori rolled sprouts, almond pate, avocado, greens and love.


Marinated seasoned vegetables, cabbages, cashews, pine nuts, sun-flower seeds.

Teriyaki Kiss

Red pepper, broccolies, zucchinies, mushrooms, with our homemade teriyaki sauce.